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Sarah Winward Floral Workshop

November, 2015

Imagine for a moment a garden, forest or a field, filled with flowers… Some of them bloom to their full, others are only about to start opening their buds. They are all different, and each of them is unique in its beauty… This is what Sarah Winward floral design style is about: natural growth forms, breathing structures, different textures combination. When even the bridal bouquet evokes the feeling of freshly gathered garden flowers, when the event floral decor is an interpretation of nature.

Aren’t we all missing some nature here in Dubai? If so – why not to bring its true meaning to our events or everyday life? Each flower is a piece of nature and has its beauty and depending on how flowers are arranged  will bring you different feelings.

Sarah Winward is an internationally acclaimed destination wedding florist, who’s work and style inspired me since long ago and it was such great news to find out she was in Dubai to give a floral workshop. Not only it was valuable to hear her interpretation and techniques but it was such a pleasure to share the atmosphere of love for natural beauty and free and easy ways to work with flowers that Sarah demonstrated.

It was a great pleasure to meet one of the most talented professionals in photography Maria Sundin who captured the workshop.