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Inspiration behind and within…

August, 2018

Ciao, Evgeniya here, founder of Tulipano, its heart and soul.

I know I havent been writing much for a while now and there are so many beautiful projects I haven’t shared with you yet and to finally start doing it I had to get this magical kick, my medicine, my passion…,  and that is Italy … This is what inspires me in my work and my life, this is what inspired my company name which stands for ‘tulip’ – a very special flower to me – in italian.

If I could write poems I would definitely do it now. I feel such a strong connection with its places, craftmanship during centuries, deep textures and earthy sunburnt colors that I almost treat it as a medicine to get back to my own self.

I love to travel from one place to another by train (even though I am one of those women who travels with a huge luggage if not two) and yesterday I arrived to a very special city for me, Florence, after vising  ligurian Santa Margherita and Portofino, passing by Forte dei Marmi and Viareggio filled with beautiful memories. Oh God, what incredible antigue art pieces Forte dei Marmi workshop, Recuperando, offers … Just imagine how such Medici vases filled with bespoke florals could fill the wedding with the spirit of Renaissance, true artwork and meaning of beauty…

Talking about a wedding… of course :) Italy is so rich in breathtaking wedding locations…, this time I finally made it to make a site visit to Villa Durazzo in Santa Margherita, currently museum rented out for events (I will share more about its story later, meanwhile sharing some photos of its interiors and gardens with the view below) it has been on my mind for quite a time.

Even though most of the time as brides we have our own inspirations I would love to invite our brides to consider this absolutely romantic country as a wedding location and very soon, in less than a week I will reveal another incredible wedding location and project we worked on with my wonderful friend, a true professional, wedding planner and founder of Save The Date, Olga and beyond talented Karolina from Purple Tree Photography. Trust me its so authentic and I’ll take you there very soon, to the heart of Tuscany, just stay in touch…

Sincerely Yours,